History of Supino

This English version of the History of Supino, from the original book in Italian Supino e S. Cataldo by Monsignor Fausto Schietroma, is dedicated to the Supinesi who make their home in the English speaking countries of the globe. Its publication is meant to fill a vacuum for those who, lacking fluency in Italian, are denied access to a full account of Supino, this small “paese” in the province of Frosinone known as “Ciociaria”.

Its main objective is to captivate the young generation of Supinesi abroad who are eager to learn about the origin and the birthplace of their ancestors. As it happened, most emigrants from Italy before and after the second World War, had limited education and conversed mainly in their dialect; they could hardly teach Italian to their children, much less explain to them the history of their place of origin, had they known it.