Three Short Stories

Leone and Pappinozzo, Music Lessons, The White Dress

The three short stories narrate small real life events.
Of course the names have been changed; so are the places.
Little dramatic facts and joyful times lived in a period that follows the second WWII.
Is a time of suffering, emigration and hard work to survive.

It is not fate that sends two young boys to harvest grapes in a nearby town, but necessity.
The donkey and the dog got them in deep trouble!

It is not fate if a young lover seeks a better life for his girl by emigrating to Canada.
But his promised return is followed by the unthinkable.
The secret remains in the family to the last day.

The parents cannot afford the music lessons so she is send to the hometown and receive free lessons from a retired teacher.
Her return, however, is possible only after the war.
But remorse persecutes her: she feels compelled to return where she knew happiness for short time. Alas! she finds the road impassable…